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Proof of Stake Validators

We run high availability secure cryptographic signing nodes to validate some of the largest Proof of Stake blockchains.  We translate our intimate technical knowledge of PoS systems into high quality operational validators.

Decentralized Web Infrastructure

We are committed to building and running any protocols that move forward the vision of decentralization, including blockchain full nodes, IPFS nodes, Tor relays, ILP connectors, and mesh network routers.

Open Source

We build open source tooling around blockchains, PoS, and validation.  Currently, our primary contribution has been to Tendermint Core, the consensus engine that powers many blockchains both in and outside the Cosmos ecosystem.



Sikka is a company focused on building and operating secure infrastructure for blockchains and other decentralized networks. We have a firm commitment to integrity of vision and promise to only run and promote infrastructure for projects we believe help the cause of decentralization and push the space forward.


Dev and Sunny are both active members of the blockchain community and contribute heavily to research and development in numerous fields through out the space.  In particular, their largest contribution is on the Tendermint and Cosmos stacks, having written and designed large portions of the consensus and Proof of Stake logic.


We are proudly based in Berkeley, CA, home of the Free Speech Movement and are perfectly situated right at the crossroads of Silicon Valley and one of the most politically active cities in the United States.

Sunny Aggarwal

Sunny has been involved with the blockchain space since 2015.  He is a core developer and researcher on the Tendermint/Cosmos projects, focusing on Proof of Stake and blockchain interoperability.  He also serves as an advisor/cofounder of Blockchain at Berkeley and co-hosts the Epicenter Podcast, one of the largest crypto podcasts with over 50K weekly listeners.

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Dev Ojha

Dev has been involved with security engineering since high school where he got started with competing in CTF-style tournaments. He currently works with Professor Alessandro Chiesa on constructing a novel zero-knowledge proof system called Aurora. He is also an active member of the Blockchain at Berkeley organization and previously worked at Tendermint.  He has many open source contributions to different cryptography libraries and programming languages.

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